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The Gift of Duct Tape

A good writer will tell you that blaming a Muse is a weak reason for your inability to write. This may be true. But I like to blame Muses and their flirty ways for my running into blank page after blank page. For instance, this blog is supposed to have been written days ago. That infamous novel still swims in the ether. Blame it on the Muses.

Still, I needed to do something! Muses are ethereal creatures drawn to things that make them feel pretty, unique, and desired. My idea was to bring them back to me with an assortment of gifts (bribes). I’d start with Google, buy inexpensive tools, beads and wires and start. I hear the Muses giggle, but they stick around out of curiosity.

Awkward is a great word. Even the word with its spelling, letters like k,w’s, are clumsy in their placement but seem to describe my original beading attempts perfectly. However, some came out rather well,  I thought. Others thought so too, much to my surprise. The first gift was to my best friend. Seems that we have known each other forever, although her adventure began in Sydney, Australia and mine in Illinois. We connected on a 40 ft. boat sailing to Guatemala.

She was going in for surgery and it was so important that the gift of my necklace was received before that date. Why? I dunno. What was she going to do with it? Wear it over her pretty hospital gown? I had not learned the art of the clasp yet. Always up for a challenge I came up with a genius idea. You betcha! Duct tape works on everything! She has lovely, longish blond hair. Who would notice a sticky silver tape holding the thing together? Who cares that it might itch, be unsightly and uncomfortable? Details, details. So it is just to remind her of her funny, imperfect friend who like her, is always out for adventure. Below is the offending piece.  Can’t see the back now, can you! 

My friend is doing great!

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