DeWolf Jewelry Design and Uniquities (herein referred to as D.J.D.U.) sources products from imports and domestically. It is not possible to guarantee the authenticity of materials and gemstones. Products are selected for their evocative nature, whether in the form of beauty, history, or the creative inspirational qualities of each piece.

All product materials are described by vendors. D.J.D.U. can neither verify nor authenticate the validity of their claims. If a vendor discrepancy in information regarding materials is found by D.J.D.U., then D.J.D.U. will notify the customer via our store website, dewolfdesignden.com.

Products that are described on the D.J.D.U. website (dewolfdesignden.com) as “hand-sculpted” may be created from hand-sculpted molds.

“Tibetan silver” may not contain the mineral Silver, or only in part.

“Jade” is an umbrella term for describing a particular type of gemstone, and may also be applied by vendors to non-gemstone products. True jade is either Jadeite or Nephrite. D.J.D.U. specifications of “Jade” are more suggestive of style than actuality (unless we specify that the product is, indeed, Nephrite or Jadeite).  Turquoise is similarly an umbrella term.

To validate pure forms of Jade, Turquoise and other gems takes years of study, and validation by a gemologist would be cost prohibitive to this business.

Our affordable prices reflect what we believe to be the material composition of our products, primarily from the vendor descriptions, and as best as we can otherwise ascertain.

There may be product size differences from product specifications due to manual measurement.

Due to the photographic lighting of products, and computer/phone/tablet/etc. screen differences, product coloring may be slightly different from product photos.

Our products are not recommended as gifts for, nor for use by, children.  Do NOT provide/give/make available our products to children.

Most dining items are not meant for food or drink (unless otherwise specified) but instead are collectibles and are for decorative purposes only.  Do NOT use our dining products for culinary purposes.


Returns are accepted for products damaged in transit, up to 30 days after purchase, and must be accompanied by photographic proof in order to secure a refund. Returns must be shipped to D.J.D.U. in the original box and packing materials. Items damaged or broken by the buyer will not be refunded.

If there is damage to any DeWolf designed jewelry product, upon delivery, or if any of these products break of their own accord within a year of purchase, please contact D.J.D.U. with the problem description via the CONTACT menu item on our website.  We’ll get in touch with the customer to review the problem and will strive for customer satisfaction.


This is my first adventure in the Web-Biz. It started with a desire to share this, that and the other thing. Those things added up, and thus, my online store has been born. Please feel free to ask questions regarding products, special custom jewelry orders, historical questions that I may be able to answer, and other stuff.